Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Poem - Whisper


Moments of quietness
Meander too infrequently
In my timetabled life;
Too many things
Penetrate my bubble
And too much noise
Breaks the peace
Of my fragile soul.

I want to stay in touch
With God
And sit together
I yearn to be connected
To the Great Spirit
Of all Creation,
Breathing and praying,
Waiting and contemplating,
Living and loving,
In perfect bliss.

As I enter the empty sanctuary,
Sounds around me diminish,
Noises within me are hushed.
My sought-for tranquility commences,
And I hear the Divine Voice.

“Child,” God gently whispers,
“Silence is always sacred.”

© John Stuart 2017

 You can also listen to the poem here:

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