Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Christian Book review: Lessons from the East by Bob Roberts

                I was delighted to see such a book being written. For decades, I have believed that the center of Christ’s Church is not to be found in a Western Christian nation, but more than likely in Asia. Recent estimates show that by the year 2030, China will become the largest Christian nation in the world.

                Bob Roberts has worked with pastors and church leaders from all over the planet. He has seen what the Spirit is actually doing across the nations. His book is a welcome refreshment of church growth ideas that are borne out of real experiences of pastors around the globe, rather than the same old hypothetical formulas for growth and success, to which Western churches and pastors seem addicted.

                Bob relates much of his work with global pastors and offers many new insights into how Christianity operates in other regions of the world. Every chapter has many lessons which could radically, yet positively, alter US congregations. The book is divided into three main parts, all of which tell Bob’s personal faith journey. For me, as a Presbyterian pastor, Part II – Kingdom Hearts, contains vital information, challenges, and experiences, which I am hoping to share and apply with our church elders. We’ve been looking for something missional and exceptional. Bob’s ideas, which he has gleaned from overseas pastors, may be essential for the continuing life, work, and ministry of many congregations across the US, including the one that I currently serve.

                The book is easy to read and is also an excellent resource for pastors, church leaders, staff, and congregations. It is a refreshing view of Christianity as a positive worldwide movement. I highly recommend Bob’s book to every pastor who is seeking something substantial, inspiring, and productive for their ministries.

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