Monday, August 10, 2015

Celtic Prayers: Celtic Confession

Celtic Confession

O Loving Heart of Heaven,
To Whom all Nature sings,
Hear this heartfelt prayer
From a simple servant,
Who longs to please You
With devoted words,
And delight You
With dedicated deeds.

As the geese fly high
Above the grey clouds,
So may the prayers
Of this Celtic Child
Go beyond this earthly sphere,
Into the eternal realms
Of Your Glorious Kingdom.

May the Son of God,
Who is the Sovereign
Of my human heart,
And Sacred Savior
Of my wayward soul,
Intercede on my behalf.

May His gracious words
Speak of His ownership
Of me, a humble servant.
May His majestic mercy
Restore my spirit
To Your divine favor
And everlasting love.

In Christ’s Holy
And most Sacred Name,
I humbly pray.


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