Sunday, April 06, 2014

Prayer for Springtime Rain

Prayer for Springtime Rain

Lord of the Living Waters,

Whose precious portions of vitality
Sacramentally shower
The white wintered Earth,
Transforming the icy wilderness
Into verdant pasture;
Redeeming life
Through abundant rains,
Woven across the land
By vernal winds
And springtime blessings:

We seek Your fountains of grace
To replenish our fields,
To renew the cherished cycle,
To animate the sown seeds,
And to refresh our community
With promised waters
Bringing life, love, and harvest.

Grant Your goodness
From above
To pleasantly fall among us,
So that Your people
May weep no more
Of wasted lives
Or fear withered fruit;
But instead,
May we seasonally rejoice
In Your lavish richness,
And happily dance
In Your holy rain.

In Christ’s Name,
We passionately pray.

© John Stuart 2014

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