Monday, April 01, 2013

Next Generation Laptops: ThinkTop 1.0

Glasgow, Scotland – At a recent innovative technological conference, a group of Scottish students showcased a new laptop which uses the power of thought to make calculations, change programs, and write short essays.

The new ‘thinktop’ looks like a normal laptop, except that it has an earpiece which not only sends the user music and conversations, but can also transmit to the laptop a few limited commands.

Scientists have recently discovered that thoughts in our brains produce minute sounds which have now been recorded on the micro transmitter. The students from Glasgow County College have been working on the project for six months and are now ready to display their findings at their Finals.

At the current international conference in Glasgow, participants were amazed at the thinktop’s capabilities, but also warned of its consequences. “Can you imagine what would happen if people started using thinktops to post their thoughts and feelings on social sites such as Facebook? It would result in some ‘too honest’ comments and perhaps enrage a lot more users.”

The Glasgow students have stated that before the thinktop could be used publicly, there would have to be general guidelines agreed on social network sites. They also quickly pointed out the practical use of the thinktop in criminal investigations. If a detained suspect was wired to the thinktop, a confession could be obtained very quickly.

A short essay written by the students using the thinktop was also displayed and placed on the world wide web. Anyone interested in reading the delightful piece of prose can find it at the following link:      Thinktop Essay

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