Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston One Fund Run - Knoxville, Tennessee

Tonight at the Fleet Feet in Turkey Creek over 500 people arrived outside the store to walk and support the Boston One Fund. It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful event. I was asked to give the prayer of invocation and lead the memorial silence. Here's the prayer that I wrote and led:

God of all the Earth, we come this evening to honor and support the good people of the City of Boston in the midst of their grief and pain, their loss and tragedy. As people of hope, peace, and love, we come from many places with different backgrounds to show our solidarity with those across our country and around the world whose loved ones have been injured, wounded, and killed in the recent bombing.
We give our support because we care about these people.
We walk and run together because we are united with them in their loss.
We come here freely to show that we are a people who love one another.

We honor also those first responders and law enforcement officers who bravely helped the wounded and placed their own lives on the line as they sought the perpetrators.
We pray for the families of loved ones who have been tragically lost, severely wounded, and deeply injured by this atrocity. In particular, we locally remember the families of Michael and Nicole Gross and Erica Brannock whose family belongs to Tellicoe Village. Be with Michael, Nicole, and Erica as they recover from this ordeal. Bless them with healing and strength; be near to their families in love.

We hold a moment’s sacred silence for everyone affected by this tragedy, for the people of Boston, and for those who will continue to hold on to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness throughout this great nation of ours and across the world.



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