Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Religious Insanity: 3 Pakistani Girls Killed for Wanting True Love

The European Union Monday has expressed outrage over the murders of three young girls in Pakistan's Balochistan province.

The murders were carried out by relatives, who disagreed with the wishes of the women who wanted to marry men of their own choice.

The 27-member European bloc called for a full investigation into the matter and said it was absolutely essential that those responsible for the killings be brought to justice.

A statement by the current French EU Presidency voiced its deep concern over the extreme forms of violence against women reported in Pakistan.

It urged Pakistan to comply with its international human rights obligations, and in particular the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, to which Pakistan is party.

The EU also urged the Pakistani government to take steps to eliminate all forms of violence against women.


Ruth said...

thanks for the info. I missed it among the financial apocalypse.

Kenneth Cauthen said...

From Kenneth Cauthen: Regarding you comment on my blog about Palin knowing the will of God about a pipeline:

Of course, we have freedom of speech and thought. She is entitled to her opinion. But I would think a Calvinist Presbyterian like yourself would be skeptical of people who know the will of Almighty God, the transcendent Holy One, who has his own purposes, regarding a pipeline!