Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Never Again is Happening Again

Never Again is Happening Again

Take a look at the photograph attached. It shows a truckload of young men and boys being transported in Northern Iraq. Some of them are comforting the younger boys; others are staring blankly into space; still others hold their heads down despondently. The reason? – they are all being transported to their deaths.

In Northern Iraq, Christian men are being executed for just being Christians. The Islamic Isis group claim ‘responsibility.’ They believe that they are establishing the long awaited Caliphate which will rid the world of such unbelievers and infidels. Christian homes are being branded with the Arabic letter “N” which stands for Nazarene – the derogatory word used by Islamic extremists to condemn Christian people. Men, women, and children are being uprooted and displaced. Their lives are full of terror. They are compelled to renounce their faith or accept their fate.

Look again at the photograph. Look at the despair in the eyes of those young Christian men. They had hopes and dreams of a new life, a new beginning, a new way for Iraq. They now have nothing left but despair and misery, suffering and death. Some of them will be shot; others will be decapitated; and others will be crucified.

Generations ago, we vowed that never again would this happen. The world watched people being dragged off into cattle trucks after their homes and businesses were destroyed. The butchers in those days painted “Juden” across the walls of Jewish businesses and homes. They compelled the people to wear yellow stars so that they could be publicly recognized and beaten in the streets wherever they went. The Nazis believed that they were establishing a new Reich and sought to rid themselves of the unwanted Jews. When the war was over, the world vowed never again.


Look at the photograph once more. Never again is happening again. Instead of Juden, the Arabic “N” is painted on Christian homes. Instead of a thousand year Reich, a new Caliphate is being spawned. Instead of cattle trucks and trains, construction trucks are transporting people to a horrifying death!

Read these chilling words, too.
The Vicar of Baghdad, the Revd Canon Andrew White, has issued an impassioned plea for prayer and support as the ISIS onslaught against the minority Christian community in the country continues.

ISIS, now known simply as the Islamic State (IS), claimed that “we can do anything now the world is just looking at Gaza,” and Canon White said that “in reality that is true.”

He said that “every day, we think that the crisis here cannot get worse and every day it does. Yesterday over 1500 people were killed.

NEVER AGAIN?????????

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