Thursday, November 07, 2013

Veteran's Day Poem: Crosses and Poppies by John Stuart

Crosses and Poppies

The best things in life are free,
But not when it comes to Liberty;
The Right that we desire the most
Is one that tolls a heavy cost.

Long ago, before you and I were born,
A war evolved into a worldwide storm
Where guns and tanks and mustard gas
Were used to kill as each day passed.

Thousands of men were lost each day,
As battles raged in trenches gray;
Young men, whose lives were sacrificed
By those who wished war glorified.

And in the end, when war was done,
Crosses and poppies covered each son
Whose life was spent to make us free,
So respect the cost of Liberty!

© John Stuart

7 November 2013

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