Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogging and Censorship

I like blogging and I encourage other people, even other pastors to do it on a regular basis. It enables all of us to get our thoughts out there in the real world. But some bloggers are really private journal writers, and some blogging pastors are so narcissistic, that they can't take the heat of positive criticism or opposing views

I visit some pastors' blogs and read their posts. Most of them I like. Some of them I disagree with. Others are just so boring (recycled sermon sites) that I stop reading them.

Sometimes I leave comments, but some pastors don't like it if you disagree. And rather than continue a dialogue, they get out their Marcionite scissors to delete relevant statements or opposing ideas. They are no longer bloggers...they've just become censors.

The funny thing is this: most of the censors that I have come across are liberals...and I thought that free speech was their mantra. It's usually old dinosauric conservatives like me who are supposed to be reactionary, but I've suddenly discovered that's not true.

So, here's my message to all you pastor bloggers: if you can't take dialogue, then why leave room for comments? And if you can't bear to exhange ideas, then buy yourself an old fashioned journal with a lock on it...oh and make sure it has a mirror on every page.


Anonymous said...

I thing the pastor in question has bigger problems than censorship. His posts have become so angry towards his congregation. I find myself praying for him daily even though we haven't met. Praying that those in his church don't find their way to his blog for their sake. That his colleagues and COM don't find it for his sake.

Stushie said...

I didn't know that, but it really explains a lot. He should look for another call.

BTW, thanks for commenting.

Adam Copeland said...

Re the liberal no debate/discussion point, as one who is more liberal (and isn't comfortable with traditional dichotomies), I think I actually agree with you.

I'm not totally sure why, but some liberals certainly do seem to adopt a holier-than-than attitude that is neither helpful nor holy. Ahchem, I think, let's have some charity, intellectual humility, and always be mindful to speak the truth in love.

Stushie said...

Amen, Adam!

laughing pastor said...

You might have noticed when I censored two of your posts on my blog I also went back to my original posts and censored my own words. Some things need to be left I deleted the things I didn't need to say.

The two posts I censored of yours "stushie" were very hurtful to me the day I read them. I understand that that may have more to do with me than you.

Sure "anonymous" has noticed that I've been dealing with problems....I've not been keeping that a secret from my church or Presbytery....and I am very thankful for anonymous prayers.

Perhaps "stushie" we blog for different reasons. So be it.

Just so you know I'm not 100 percent right, or appropriate. I simply had a really bad day in a very long year.

I'm sorry I offended you.

laughing pastor said...

P.S. I have not yet set my blog to approve comments before they are posted....maybe I should.

Stushie said...

I appreciate the comments, LP. We all go through those days. It takes a big person to 'fess up, so I admire you for that.

Setting the comments for review is a good thing. It means that I get an email that doesn't suprise me or rattle my cage. I take time to respond.

Hurting is an occupational hazard in ministry. I don't know if you've ever read "The Wounded Healer" I recommend it. JB London also wrote a great book that has helped me in the past called "They Call me Pastor."

God be with you on your pastoral journey.