Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Atheists – The Real War Mongering Killers in the World

A lot has been said attacking religious people in the world for causing wars and killing people. Atheists are quick to point out the European wars of religion, the Crusades, Armadas, and other historical conflicts which testify to the evil of religion and that all rational people should divest themselves immediately of maintaining faith in God. All of humanity’s woes, they preach, can be traced back to the offenses of religion.

Oh yeah? So we should become rational, 21st century enlightened atheists and ditch religion, because atheism is going to save the world?

In the 20th century alone, over 50 million people were slaughtered by atheism.

Adolph Hitler, Nazi atheist, murdered six million Jews because of their religion and possibly 3 million more people who were gypsies, minorities, handicapped, and homosexual.

Josef Stalin, Communist atheist, massacred over 20 million people under his dictatorship.

Mao Tse Tung, Chinese atheist, murdered up to 23 million people under his atheism.

Phol Pot , Cambodian atheist, killed over 3 million people under his atheistic regime.

Do you see a pattern here? The atheists are telling the world that religion is wrong and that belief in God leads to wars of religion.

And yet in one century, atheists managed to kill more than 50 million human beings in the pursuit of atheism.

Give me God any day, compared to the rational tyrants of atheism.


John said...

Just a note.

Hitler viewed himself as a Christian and used christian themes in his speeches to justify his mission.

As to the others, their faith, or lack of faith, has not bearing on their actions. There have been people of faith guilty of mass murder (Hitler). Does this mean that those having a similar world view are as dangerous as those who kill?

Less we forget the progroms of the middla ages (the 'first holocost' of 1095), the fire bombing of Dresden, the IRA vs Provo conflict in Ireland, The murder of the whole population of Jerusalem in the first crusade. All done by christians in at least in part in the name of their faith, and in every case with the assurance that God was on their side.

Stushie said...

O let's not kid ourselves - Hitler was as much a Christian as Dawkins is a great philospher. Hitler was more into eugenics and Darwinism than he was the teachings of Christ.

As for the Crusaders killing the populace of Jerusalem, what about the atheist Ghengis Khan and his murdering hordes?

And as for the Protestants and Catholics murdering each other in Northern Ireland - I think the shameful count was four thousand...during the same time atheist Phol Pot managed to murder 3 million in Cambodia.

Religion has its fanatical killers, but nothing compared to what militant atheism has spawned.

John said...

I am afraid that you need to study a lot of history

Ghengis Khan was not a christian, but that doesnt' mean he was an Atheist. He is suspected of having been into Shamanism and did develop an interest in Budism later in his life.

As to Hitler, go read his works, look at how he points to Luther (you know of the Lutheran church) as a justification for his action. Look at how often Goid is mentioned in speeches and writings. Just consider what was printed on the Belt Buckles of the Nazi Armies.

"Gott Mit Uns" or God is with US.

Now, I don't see Hitler as a christian, but then I don'e see many who claim to be christians exibiting christ like qualities.

But - they he ( and they )clearly saw relevance in the Christian faith and used it to promote their rather unchristian (by my definition) acts.

Oh and Pot was raised Catholic, and his faith or lack of it had little bearing on his actions. It was not what motivated him.

Again, History, when studied to learn is facinating.

Stushie said...

So, let me get this straight John.

The religious origins of all these atheists are to be held accountable for their future atheistic killings? That wouldn't even stand up in a court full of Philadelphian lawyers, John.

Guilt by association is a flimsy argument and one that is not worthy of you.

John said...

No the point is... these people were not Atheist, and to continue to claim as such is dishonest.

Now, you may not aggree with their religious world view (I sure dont), but Hitler, Pot and Kahn all belived in an after life, and that is clearly not Atheism.

To claim such is to lie and my version of Christianity frowns on that type of behavior (you know false witness).

Stushie said...

John' we're on the same page here.

My use of hyperbole is to call to question how atheists see relgious people. We are all tarred with the same brush. Because I am a Christian, I am supposed to be held accountable for the 11th century Crusades, the 16th century wars of religion, the 18th century slavers, and the 20th century wars...all of which occurred before I was born.

My purpose is to show militant atheists what this feels like to those of us who are appalled at these past events, but who were not participants in them.

I am called a bigot for doing this, but the true bigotry lies in their hearts for insisting that I carry the sins of the past, and that my beliefs are diminshed because of the sinfulness of previous generations.

By the responses that I have received and seen, they don't like being tarred as militant atheists with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Phol Pot, and that's exactly how Christians feel.

G. Tingey said...

Erm ...

Communism is a classic religion.

Did you not realise this?
It was first pointed out by Bertrand Russell, in the 1930's, and many others (including me) have also since come to this conclusion, independantly.

1: - it has a holy book(s) [ "Capital" & "The Communist Manifesto" ]
2: - It promises "heaven" for its devoted followers, provided they do exactly what the divine leaders say. The "heaven" is on Earth, but is no more real than any of the others on offer.
3: - It makes specific promises and predictions - which turn out to be just as false as those made by all the other religions.
4: - it kills millions all in the name of the greater holy cause.
5: - it has great leaders who are seen as the saints of their church, in spite of the fact that they were monsters. You might like to consider Dominic, and "mother Theresa" & St Cyril of Alexandria, for a start. Or Arnoud Amoury.

Hitler was anything but an atheist.
HERE are pictures of Adolf being nasty to religious believers ....

Oh, and Prof. Dawkins isn't, and does not claim to be a philosopher.
he is/was a practising scientist, and has brought his scientific observational and analytical skills to bear upon the irrationalities and logical failures of religion, to say nothing of the vanishingly small proabability of ANY of it being true - remeber, that everything he says applies equally to islam, or any other millenial cause, that is not solidly based on facts.

Lightnin said...

"Adolph Hitler, Nazi atheist,"

Whoops, wrong universe!

Stushie said...

tingey - Communism dclares itself to be anti relgious - even science has handbooks.

Hitler wasn't a religious person. He abused relgion for his own atheistic purpose

And Dawkins, not a philospher? then why does he write a book called the God delusion? God cannot be proved or unporved. it's a matter of faith, so anyone's opinions on the matter are philosophical, not scientific.

Stushie said... time you come into this universe, drop in and see us again.

The trouble with atheists, they don't like being called for what they are - killers of human spirits, minds, and bodies.

Have a nice day in whatever universe you're from.

Stephen J. Ardent said...

Hitler was not a Christian, it's doubtful he believed in any kind of
God at all. If you've read his book, Mein Kampf, he states within it that anything he says or writes publicly is propaganda. Period.